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Cuba Travel Network is the premier Cuba specialist for individual travelers. Each year, we help over 80,000 travelers turn their Cuban vacation dreams into reality. With more than 15 years experience and an English speaking team of 70+members on the ground, we can advise you like no other Cuba travel company. Most of us grew up on the island or lived there. It’s our home—a complex, yet wonderful destination we love to share with the world. We are experts at crafting custom journeys. We want you to immerse yourself in Cuban culture. That’s why we work hard to provide assistance from the moment you contact us, throughout your booking and during your stay. Caribbean Travel Network Inc (Caribbean Travel Network) is part of a group of companies operating under the Cuba Travel Network. The private group people-to-people tours are organized and operated by Caribbean Travel Network Inc.

Cuba Travel Network Offices

Cuba Travel Network in <New York>
Caribbean Travel Network Inc

(347) 758-4209

25 Broadway, 9th Floor, Manhattan, NY 10004

Cuba Travel Network in <Cuba>
Caribbean Travel Network N.V.

+53 7 214 0090,+53 7 214 0091

CTN House, Avenida 31 entre 14 y 18 No. 1411, Miramar, Playa, Havana, Cuba

Cuba Travel Network in <Amsterdam>
Amsterdam Office

+31 20 794 7962 (Intl)

Alexander Boersstraat 60, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cuba Travel Network in <Australia>
Australia Office

+61 2 8073 5053 (Intl)

Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Assistance in Cuba

Assistance in <Havana – ALexie>

(0)5 286 8492

Assistance in <Havana – Deisy>

(0)5 279 9533

Assistance in <Havana – Manuel>

(0)5 286 0670


CTN House, Avenida 31 entre 14 y 18 No. 1411, Miramar, Playa, Havana

Assistance in <Santiago de Cuba – Fernando>

(01)5 285 5730

Santiago de Cuba City

Avenida Manduley #304 entre 11 y 13, Reparto Vista Alegre

Assistance in <Trinidad – Floor>

(01)5 285 6855 (Floor)

Assistance in <Holguin – Carlos>

(01)5 271 3480 (Carlos)

Assistance in <Baracoa – Roger>

(0)21 64 51 64 (Roger)

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