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Cuba Destinations: Cayo Las Brujas

Located about an hour’s drive north of Santa Clara in central Cuba, Cayo Las Brujas is a singular beach, in an area dense with local flora and fauna. It’s a great place to slow down, unwind, and enjoy the natural environment.

Cayo Las Brujas or "witches island" is named after the local legend of a young man who arrived late for a date with his secret lover, a fishermen’s daughter. To his shock, he saw his beautiful girlfriend had been transformed into an ugly witch or "bruja".

Other than this eerie (and certainly apocryphal) story, there is nothing on Cayo Las Brujas - the smallest inhabitable island in the Sabana archipelago - that could possibly disturb you. This is an extraordinarily peaceful place.

Villa Las Brujas, the only hotel on the island, is a charming property perched over the beach; it’s the only non-all-inclusive hotel in this zone. The Villa Las Brujas Marina is right "next door".

The wonderful coral reefs here make for excellent snorkeling and scuba diving; the hotel rents snorkeling equipment, kayaks and catamarans and arranges excursions. Check out their trip to the pristine beach on Cayo Borracho. Another nearby attraction is the San Pascual, a ship constructed in 1920 from reinforced concrete in San Francisco, California. It ran aground near Cayo Francés almost 70 years ago.

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