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Cuba Destinations: Cayo Levisa

After the beautiful green valley of Viñales, more natural splendor awaits at Cayo Levisa. The road to the small quay at Palma Rubia, from where the boat leaves for Cayo Levisa, passes through tranquil villages like La Palma (where the majority of the Hotel Cayo Levisa staff live) and banana plantations. On the pier, friendly boatmen await alongside the sturdy vessel which takes visitors to the Cayo, reachable only by boat.

The 35 minute trip provides expansive views of sea and land: the idyllic island, lined with lush mangroves, eventually comes into sight, a dot of pearl white sand beckoning. The pier threads through the mangroves to the lobby of the Hotel Cayo Levisa, the only building here. Built directly on the dazzling beach on the islet’s north side, hotel guests can enjoy more than 3 kilometers of powder fine sand. Open thatch huts with palm frond roofs pepper the beach, providing shade without interrupting the natural contours of the environment. Sun loungers encourage relaxing, as do the hammocks for rent – if you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a place to unwind, this is it.

The coral reef here is spectacular, harboring 500 fish species, 200 types of sponges and other marine life. Diving (there are 21 offshore sites here) and snorkeling are possible from the hotel. For a comfortable, remote getaway in a spectacular beach setting, it doesn’t get better than this.

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