Cuba Destinations: Villa Clara Province

Villa Clara Province is located in the center of Cuba, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. The sprawling Archipelago Jardines del Rey – with its 2500 islets and keys – is strung along the coast here.

Three ‘cayos’ (keys) in particular make superb beach vacation destinations: Las Brujas, Ensenachos and Santa María. The breathtaking beaches of these cayos, along with the variety of maritime diversions on offer including scuba diving, snorkeling, and deep-sea fishing, are the main draws here. The cayos are connected to the Cuban mainland (at Caibarién) by a causeway built to provide access to these paradisiacal islets.

Santa Clara is the provincial capital and makes a worthwhile stop en route to the cayos and beaches to the north. It’s where Che Guevara led rebels in the Cuban Revolution’s decisive victory, leading to the construction of the impressive monument to and mausoleum of the celebrated guerilla.

Santa Clara also has four universities and unique cultural centers, contributing to a stimulating, urbane atmosphere – kick back on a park bench in the city’s Parque Vidal to get a taste. Santa Clara is also home to the "Naranjas", the provincial baseball team.

Remedios, one of Cuba’s oldest cities; is an archetypical colonial town and a picturesque stop on the way to the cayos.

In addition to tourism, important facets of the province’s economy include sugar (Villa Clara is Cuba’s second largest sugar producing area) and other crops, particularly tobacco.

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