Travel to Cuba / You are still welcome in Cuba!

You are still welcome in Cuba!

Since November 9, 2017, there are new US regulations in effect that might impact your Cuba Travel Network trip. Read all about it below.

The new rules, plain and simple

  • Yes, it is still possible to travel legally to Cuba
  • You must travel as part of a group (2 persons or more)
  • You need to be accompanied by a guide using a scheduled itinerary during your tour
  • Still largely unspoiled, Cuba is a destination to uncover ‘now’
  • We are specialized in designing legal private group tours to Cuba


Can I still legally travel to Cuba?

Yes, you can. There are still 12 categories under which you can legally travel to Cuba, that hasn’t changed. The recent announcements mainly affect the category of Educational Visits, often referred to as people-to-people visits. This is the main category used by travellers visiting Cuba.

Other categories are: family visits, educational, religious or humanitarian activities, performances, media visits, research or professional meetings, commercial or government business. Individual visits are possible in these categories but are subject to strict requirements and are in most cases not an option for a Cuba visit.

What has changed with the new regulations?

Under the category of Educational Visits (people-to-people) it is no longer possible to visit Cuba as an individual (one person) or visit using a self-guided itinerary. Each group (two persons or more) must now be accompanied by a guide throughout the entire visit. Like before it is still mandatory to have a fully scheduled itinerary with people-to-people activities. As part of the new regulations certain businesses are now off limits to US travellers, mainly those linked to or owned by the Cuban Government.

CTN ensures its private group tours from the US do not use any of the businesses on the restricted list.

I have booked (part of) my trip prior to November 9, 2017 and still have to travel, do the new regulations apply to me?

That depends. In case you have booked any travel related transaction (e.g. a flight or a hotel) of your trip prior to June 16, 2017, then you qualify under the old regulations and can travel as an individual.

If you have booked after June 16 your trip must comply with the regulations laid out on November 9, 2017. We will get in touch with you in case this applies to your trip.

Why should I travel to Cuba now with all these restrictions?

While words like ‘regulations’ and ‘restrictions’ usually shouldn’t be connected to any trip, the time to visit Cuba is now. Cuba is still a largely unspoiled destination waiting to be uncovered. In the past 2 years Cuba has seen a huge boost in private enterprising, leading to many wonderful new B&B’s and restaurants that are widely accessible. There is more choice for US travellers than ever before. To visit Cuba now is to truly support the local community.

How can I easily arrange my trip to Cuba?

Please get in touch with us via email ( or telephone (347-7584209), let us know what your preferences are and we will take care of the rest.

Cuba Travel Network’s tours fully comply with the official OFAC regulations and we specialize in designing private guided group tours. We ensure that all our private tours are within the legal regulations set by the US Government.


Useful links

Below we have listed several websites for more detailed information. These are official US government websites as well as major US media websites as those tend to inform in a more practical way.

OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control) FAQ’s

OFAC list of restricted businesses

Associated Press

Washington Post

ABC News

Afar Magazine

For the current US Government Travel advice click here

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