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Traveling with kids/families

Cuba is a phenomenal country for family travel. First, Cubans absolutely adore children. This is evident in everyday life, as well as in the works of venerated Cuban national hero, José Martí. In his short life as poet, essayist, journalist and revolutionary philosopher, he published a widely popular children’s book called The Golden Age (La Edad de Oro). Originally a monthly magazine for children, La Edad de Oro is still taught in Cuban schools and can be found on almost every bookshelf of every house. Traveling with kids in Cuba opens doors, generates smiles, and initiates contact with locals.

Parents with small children who want to explore Cuba’s culture, nature and history will delight in the options. Old Havana, for instance, can be fun for kids since it’s a living museum, with traditions and history playing out in the picturesque streets, parks and plazas. In these public spaces, your family can mix with local families in cheerful, colorful surroundings, often with a live music soundtrack.

Tooling around Havana in a cute yellow coco-taxi or a convertible (pink) vintage car is fun for children of all ages. Some city hotels have pools on site which are fun for the whole family. Spend some time beside the pool after your day of touring ends.

There are extraordinary destinations for family travel farther afield including Viñales and Trinidad and in the central and eastern regions as well. No matter where you go, you’ll find friendly people greeting you like family.

In the countryside, especially, food can lack variety – rice, chicken and pork are staples. You may wish to pack kid-friendly food like a jar of peanut butter and cereal bar. Bananas (in season year-round), cookies, and fruit juices (fresh and boxed) are available in Cuba. Bottled water, ice cream, fresh fruit, and crackers are sold everywhere on the island.

Be aware that temperatures in July and August can be sweltering, with plenty of sunshine. This makes for awesome swimming and terrific water temperatures, but you’ll want to bring sun protection and be sure to remain hydrated.

In the unlikely case that you need medical care for your child, you can count on highly qualified medical advice and treatment everywhere in Cuba.

One of the great things about Cuba is that kids are encouraged to be seen, heard, and participate. Kids, as well as their parents, will feel welcome.

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